Urban Roads

solid brazilian pine
wood furniture

Urban Roads is a North American furniture manufacturer and distributor, proudly supplying quality pieces since 2014. We specialize in upholstery, case goods and accent furniture. Among our customers are both privately-owned independent stores as well as large furniture chains. Our strength lies in providing quality not only in our furniture, but also in our delivery schedules and after sales service.

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charming. durable. real.

Nothing beats the feeling of nature-made material.

That's why all our furniture is made from solid Brazilian pine wood. Each piece looks handcrafted, unique and has its own story to tell. The uplifting energy of this beautiful wood introduces domestic warmth into any environment. Pine wood is also durable and strong, which makes it both kid and pet friendly. Our furniture is made to be used and loved by the whole family. Natural beauty for real life.

The factory

high quality production

Short lead times accomplished the smart way.

While we embrace the just-in-time philosophy, skipping on quality is never an option. Instead, we are constantly increasing the number of factories to service our customers in the shortest possible time. We operate multiple facilities in Mexico and use state of the art machinery to continually evolve our products, using the latest finishes for today's market. Our skilled designers pick out the most fashionable covers and fabrics for the upholstery pieces and all our furniture is 100% solid wood, not particle board or MDF. Naturally, we only use wood from renewable and sustainable forests.

The factory

speedy delivery

Orders leave our factories within three weeks.

We are dedicated to helping our customers save valuable warehouse space and reducing waste. Our production time is around three weeks so new products can be ordered and received quickly. Ordering smaller quantities more frequently also helps our retailers reacting faster to new trends and their customers' requests. The Urban Roads system is designed to provide every opportunity for our retailers to have thriving, dynamic stores with floors filled with fresh merchandise.